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Our Partners


Just Imagininknit is proud to carry over 100 different yarns in every imaginable fiber.  We spend hours working with vendors from all over the world to introduce new and exciting yarns to our customers so they can create unique, one-of-a kind works of art. We carry a large selection of cashmere,wool and alpaca for our snowbirds and snowflakes. We don’t want anyone to catch a cold in the northern tundra!! From silk to cotton to bamboo and sugar cane (yes they do make yarns from sugar cane), we have summer yarns in just about every color and texture.


From Italy, we carry Lang and Lanna Grossa, two of the top fiberwear designers.  they bring a sophistication and excitement with their breathtaking designs and extraordinary yarns. From Spain, we have a wonderful selection of yarns and patterns from Katia which are sure to inspire and motivate!   


Our yarns reflect our love of knitting, our appreciation of the creativity and diversity of our customers, and our desire to continually change, bring the most fashion-forward, interesting yarns to our store. We’re sure we have a yarn that will make you smile, tempt you to knit something new and original, and inspire you to create an original work of art! The right yarns can make your project go from ordinary to extraordinary. 


Come visit Just Imagineknit and let us help you choose the right yarn for you!

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