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Our Staff

Our Staff


Ruth has been knitting since she was ten.  Her grandmother taught her how to knit but being left handed she turned everything around and knitted backwards for a long time.  Finally she realized it was much more difficult to read a pattern that way so she began to create her own patterns and designs.  Reluctantly, she realized she was making knitting more difficult than it needed to be, so she taught herself to knit right handed but always falls back on her left handed knitting when she needs to!  Determined to become an expert knitter, she was dedicated to taking classes and going to seminars to increase her knowledge and by the time she became a partner in Just Imaginknit, she was comfortable adapting creating and designing patterns for  her customers.  Her  expertise along  with a great sense of style, allows her to assist our customers in choosing the perfect project.  Her fabulous sense of color has made her one-of-a-kind afghans famous.  Ruth’s goal is to make sure that when you walk into Just Imaginknit, you feel welcome, comfortable and confident that whatever type of project you choose, you will be successful!  


We welcomed Zana to Just Imaginknit at the beginning of 2013 when she moved to Lake Worth from California and began working at the store.  No stranger to Just Imaginknit, Zana had been a loyal customer for many years.  Every time she came east to visit her parents, she would stop in to Just Imaginknit and stock up on projects she would take home to California. Zana is a fabulous knitter. She started knitting when she was six and has never stopped creating the most beautiful garments, afghans, baby sweaters and toys for her family and four adorable grandchildren. A former teacher, she loves to work with customers to insure they are comfortable with their knitting. In July, Zana became a partner in Just imaginknit. Committed to continuing our reputation for making every customer's knitting experience a positive one, Zana feels that she has found a real home at Just Imaginknit!

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