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Our Store

Just Imaginknit has a long history in the South Florida area. Located in Lake Worth, Just Imaginknit is honored to be a resource for knitters in Palm Beach County, Broward County, and anyone willing to come visit our store. Our team of expert knitters is always ready to serve your needs and help you achieve your knitting goals.


When you walk into Just Imaginknit, we hope you will be stunned by the variety of yarns and projects that greet you.  Whether a coat, jacket, sweater, shawl or scarf, we have so many choices and all of them on display so you can see and feel the beauty of the knitting and the yarn.


The heart of our store has always been our large table, around which we gather, knit, and teach. We learn and we laugh and we come together to share our love of knitting.  We have always prided ourselves in the personal service.  Our goal is to share our love of knitting with our customers and to show them how to translate their skills into projects that they can be proud of.  When someone comes in and tells us that she wore a completed garment out to dinner and no one could believe that they had made it, the success they feel is our greatest reward. Over the years, our team has and continues to forge relationships that last far beyond our walls.  Many friendships have been formed around our special table and we are so happy to have introduced so many customers to the wonders of knitting – and to the friendship of other knitters. It is easy for us to enjoy our work when we are working with family.


Please come visit our store. We would be honored to get to know you. Come and see why we are called the friendliest knitting shop in South Florida.

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